Make Your Home Feel Cozy This Winter

Make Your Home Feel the Cozy This Winter


It’s wintertime in the nation’s capital! We hope you’re enjoying the festivities and sights around town. While the winter months may provide us with this beautiful landscape covered in snow, they’re also quite cold and gloomy at times. One of the best ways to combat the winter blues is to put an emphasis on cozy decor, creating an escape from the harsh outdoor weather. In this blog, we’ll cover some great ways to create the coziest interior possible this season.


Colour Palette


The use of a warm colour palette for your indoor decor will immerse you, giving you the feeling of warmth and contrasting the outdoor landscape. Now, when we say “warm”, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go so far as to plaster your home with warm colours. Try to use browns, beiges and burgundy accents where you can. Add throw pillows, blankets and other pieces to your spaces that match this colour scheme and add to the feeling of warmth. 




The use of textured furniture, blankets and throw pillows can go a long way to compliment the spaces you’re decorating. You can use a variety of textures and consider faux leathers, sheepskins and other soft textures to give the feeling that you’ve stumbled across a cabin in the woods. Consider adding a rug or a carpet to your living spaces if they don’t yet have one. Try using dark green plants and greenery to complement the warm tones and other seasonal decor.




Consider wooden furniture or furniture with wooden textures to decorate your spaces. Wooden furniture is well-complemented by the textures and warmer tones mentioned above. Consider buying used or sustainably-made furniture, as it can achieve the look you’re going for and lower your budget while doing good in the community.




Lighting is everything, especially during the late afternoon and evening hours of the winter. The sun goes down much sooner, meaning much more of your time is spent in the dark. We would recommend using warm tones in your lighting, or using additional lighting appliances like lanturns or candles. If you have a fireplace, it can be a great way to brighten up your spaces while providing cozy functional warmth to your household.




Just like lighting, music can trick your brain into a cozier mindset. You would be surprised how much of an effect music can have on the feeling in the air. Consider buying a small speaker and try to find a relaxing playlist that matches what you’re going for. If you don’t know where to start, try soft piano music or jazz.


Any questions?


We hope that you’re able to create a cozy escape by using one or more of the above-mentioned ideas. If you have any unanswered questions about home decor, feel free to reach out!

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