Make Your Condo Balcony a Selling-Point

In the condo market, a well-maintained balcony with a stellar view can be a powerful tool to attract potential buyers. While the low-maintenance aspect of condo living is appealing, many condo dwellers still want a private outdoor space to enjoy. Even a small balcony off the living room or bedroom, decorated with care and style, can extend the living space of your condo, increase your enjoyment of your home, and give your home real market appeal.

Floating, interlocking outdoor decking tiles are one of the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your balcony or patio. They can give the space a more finished feel, even improving your view of the balcony from inside your home. They are easy to install, and since this type of flooring does not adhere to the balcony’s surface, it is likely to fit within your condo association’s rules. While outdoor carpets trap moisture, with outdoor decking tiles, water and small debris can flow through the tiles and drain away, protecting and extending the life of the balcony’s surface.

Maintenance for most deck tile systems is similar to indoor flooring; regular sweeping and mopping is enough to keep it in good shape. Some wood products require further treatment to protect them from the elements, including sunlight, which can fade tiles over time. Look for information about UV stabilizers in your flooring before making a purchase.

While you should check the rules of your condo board before you make any alternations to your unit, this is likely to be a straightforward, no-fuss project that will transform your balcony into a real amenity, sure to catch a buyer’s eye. Once you have installed your flooring, a few attractive accents such as a small café table and a few potted plants, can make your balcony feel like a finished extension on your indoor space, especially in the warmer months. Your morning coffee, yoga practice, or romantic sunlit meals will feel truly special in their new summertime venue.

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