Choosing Art for Your Home

Your house starts to become your home on moving day, when you begin to arrange furniture, unpack boxes, and make choices about how to make the space your own. Artwork and personal mementos can be among the most important items to make a new home feel cozy and familiar. But for some of us, figuring out how to personalize a place with artistic touches can be a challenge. Here are a few tips on how to use artwork to make your home your own.

Pick Something You Love
The most important factor when choosing artwork or other decorative features for your home should be your own personal sense of style. You, after all, will be the primary audience for the pieces on display, so choose something you love and will enjoy looking at.

Scale and Tone
Consider the size and feeling of a room when you are looking for artwork. A small framed picture would look sweet in a cozy corner of the bedroom, but might look out of place in a more prominent location. A grand and monumental piece could provide an impressive focal point on a large blank wall, might look crowded and cumbersome in a tighter space. Keep a file / note on your phone of the measurements you are looking for, it may save you a return!

Do Not Skimp on Framing
A professionally matted and framed piece of art has a crisp and timeless look, but that is not the only advantage to making the investment. Artworks framed with the proper materials will not decay or discolour over time, and will live happily in your home for years to come.

Consider a Collection
Art does not only mean paintings. Any collection of beloved objects can make an eye-catching display. You could make a wonderful collage of family photographs or a gallery of artwork by your children or grandchildren. Collectables, from hockey cards to family heirlooms, can be creatively displayed in any number of ways that will make a surprising and personal statement.

Go On-line
There are many excellent places on-line where you can purchase beautiful artwork directly from professional artists. Sites such as Saatchi and Etsy are useful for finding originals or, if your budget in more limited, affordable high-quality prints. Instagram and other social media sites - as well as a simple Google search - make it easy to track down and support the work of artists you admire.

Think Local
You do not have to go far to find great original art to decorate your home. The Ottawa area has a vibrant community of visual artists whose work is on display at local galleries, shops, and cafes. It is especially easy to find treasures in the summertime, at festivals, craft shows and even farmer's markets around the city. Artists are always pleased to meet people who are interested in their work, and if they do not have a piece that fits your decor or budget, many are happy to create an original work to your specifications.

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