8 Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving can be an exciting and stressful time for everyone – including your pets. Routine and familiarity are important to animals, and you want to keep that in mind as you prepare to move into your new home. Here are 8 tips to help make moving day a relaxed and happy time for you and your pets, and to help them transition into a new neighbourhood.

8 Tips For Moving With Pets

  1. As soon as you know you are moving, alert your vet and begin looking for a clinic in your new neighbourhood. Once you have chosen a new vet, request to have your pet’s medical records and prescriptions transferred to their office.
  2. Make sure the essential items you need for your pet do not get packed away into boxes. Prepare an easily accessible overnight bag containing food, dishes, bedding, a few toys, and any necessary medications.
  3. Try and make moving day as calm as possible for your pet. Consider asking a friend to look after them or, if that is not feasible, put them in one room of your house and keep the door closed while the majority of the noisy moving occurs.
  4. Wait until all of your furniture and boxes have been moved into your new home before bringing in your pet, and if possible, transport them there in your own vehicle so the experience is more familiar.
  5. Consider keeping your pet in a crate or cage until they get used to their surroundings. Once you let them roam free in your new home, accompany them as they explore in case there are safety hazards you are not used to, and keep all the doors and windows shut.
  6. Even if you usually let your pet outside on their own, hold off for a few weeks while they become accustomed to the new environment. Remember that your pet was used to the geography of your old neighbourhood, so they are more likely to get lost after a move. Ensure they have identification, such as a collar or microchip, and that it has been updated with your current address and contact information. The first time you let your pet outside to explore, watch them closely and leave the door open in case they wish to return.
  7. A new home means new neighbours – for both you and your pet. If you have a dog or cat, they will likely interact with other animals in the area, so keep a close eye on them during the first few weeks and make sure everyone is getting along. In preparation for these new friends, ensure your pet’s vaccinations are all up to date.
  8. It can take time to fall back into a routine after you move, especially since you are still unpacking and getting used to your new home. Try and keep your pet’s routine as steady as possible so they experience minimal disruption; stick to the same meal times, bedtimes, and activity times as you did in your old neighbourhood.

8 Tips For Moving With Pets

We hope you and your pets have a smooth and happy transition into your new home. If you have any questions or comments about moving with pets, please share them with us below!

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