5 Signs You Are Working with the Right Realtor

Buying or selling a home can be a difficult and stressful process, but if you find the right qualified real estate representative, it can be much easier - maybe even pleasurable! Here are a few of the characteristics to look for in a Realtor:

A great realtor has some of the qualities of a great teacher. Great real estate agents take the time to build relationships and trust so that they can understand the needs of their clients and communicate with them sensitively and honestly. They can explain the buying and selling process step by step and answer your questions thoroughly, in language you can understand. They can communicate directly, and are able to provide context in stressful moments.
A good realtor is easy to get a hold of. He or she returns calls promptly, keeps you informed, and is proactive about keeping you up-to-date. A good realtor is a great communicator.

Attention to Detail
The process in buying and selling a home entails a great deal of paperwork and the involvement of bankers, lawyers, various kind of inspectors, and sometimes municipal officials. Mistakes or missed deadlines can have serious consequences for your real estate transaction. A good realtor understands this and will keep track of every detail and lead you through the process with confidence.

Good realtors are aware of the properties on the market in their area and are actively engaged. They monitor the market constantly and are thinking about how to best position their clients within it. This is their job: to be creative and tenacious advocates.

Continuing Education
As in any industry, the rules, technology, and best practices associated with real estate are constantly shifting, and the best realtors keep up to date with these changes. Continuing education demonstrates that, regardless of how long he or she has been practicing, your realtor is invested in the industry and willing to learn.

Word of Mouth
The best way to find a great real estate representative is by asking friends and family for referrals, but if you are moving to a new location, that may not be possible. Do not hesitate to ask a Realtor for references or to knock on a few doors in your prospective neighbourhood and ask for advice. The best realtors have strong reputations for integrity and professionalism.

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