15 Questions to Ask

Choosing the right Real Estate Sales Representative to help you sell your home can be confusing and overwhelming. The following is a list of recommended questions to ask:

  1. Do you work as a full-time real estate sales representative?
  2. What area and what aspect of the market do you specialize in?
  3. What exactly will you do to market, advertise and promote my home?
  4. Do you have a written marketing plan, specifically designed to get my home sold?
  5. Will you prospect and screen qualified buyers for my home?
  6. Will I receive a marketing update of my home on a regular basis (either written or verbal)?
  7. In what ways will you encourage other real estate sales representatives to show my home?
  8. Do you have a personal assistant to ensure that no details are overlooked?
  9. How many homes have you sold in the last three months?
  10. Do you have a list of client references for my review?
  11. Will my home be in the Multiple Listing Service? How will you set my listing apart from the crowd?
  12. What is my home going to sell for? What should it be listed at? How did you arrive at that price?
  13. Why are you the best sales representative for the job of representing me in the selling of my home?
  14. How will you assist me in my relocation plans (if applicable)?
  15. What will it cost me to get the job done?