Ontario moves to license condo managers

Things appear to be starting to turn around. Following a year-long review by government and industry officials and condo owner representatives, Queen’s Park recently proposed improving Ontario’s 15-year-old Condominium Act in order to offer condo owners, tenants and buyers greater protection.

About 10 per cent of Ontario’s population lives in condominiums and condos represent around 50 per cent of all new homes built in Ontario. There are almost 600,000 condominium units in the province and 9,000 condominium corporations, according to the provincial government.

The first of several changes now being proposed to the Condominium Act involves introducing mandatory qualifications for condominium property managers/management companies.

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Personally, I would like to see a change in the Act so that condominium owners have a vehicle to pursue their ‘differences’ or ‘disputes’ with their condominium board.